Hermione de Paula

Hermione de Paula embodies a world in which unparalleled handcraft and the creation of wonderful memories meet. Made by heart and hand, each nature-inspired embroidered wedding dress is a piece of unique art. Hermione creates luxury bridal couture dresses with skilled artisans, which are a true luxury in a world of fast fashion.


We are the brand's only stockist outside of her London studio, showcasing her latest Signature Collection.

These are very popular gowns and we only have two left, which are brand new and you can give a loving new home for between £1,700 and £2,100 - half the price of these amazing dresses normally!

RIF2 Optic White Full Length Front.jpg
RIF2 Optic White Full Length Back.png
MRC2 Boticelli Full Length Back.jpg
MRC2 Boticelli Full Length Front.jpg